Tuesday December 04th 2007, 4:09 AM
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Blowin’ In The Wind

Today was WINDY. Although storms blew around the country leaving snow and ice, my neck of the woods got hit with sleet and rain yesterday and wind today.

Lots of wind! Fifty miles an hour blasts of wind!

Usually I hear cars go by. There are steady streams of them-I live in a corner house. Today it is a sound that is both relaxing and alarming. I can hear the wind shushing through the trees.It is soft and rhythmic and I find myself being lulled almost to the brink of sleep.

Then all of a sudden, I can hear a BANG as a branch hits our steel shed or a trash can blows over in the yard. I am always afraid of what would happen if one of our huge trees were to blow over onto our home. After the bang, I am on edge. Tense. Listening for creaking or snapping sounds that I imagine would signal such an event.


My yard is covered with the debris of a neighborhood. Leaves, random coffee cups, and a shopping circular that managed to get separated from the others during this weekend’s deliveries. All of it got blown to my house as if it were knocking on my door looking for refuge from the brutal blasts of wind.

And I stood at my door watching. With Joslyn in my arms, we enjoyed nature’s dance. The wind picked up the leaves and spun them in the air like a young man spinning his maiden. Round and round they twirled, leaving me breathless with its beauty.

I hope the wind blows all the leaves away beforeĀ it’s finished!


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