Monday February 20th 2012, 3:43 PM
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You May Know…..

You may know that I spend time with Logan.

You may not know that I spend every Friday with him. I get so excited about Friday’s arrival that sometimes I can’t sleep on Thursday night or else I wake up far too early. Each week I take my coupons along to clip, a crossword or two from the Sunday papers, or my kindle. Quite often I bring them home again, untouched. He is almost rolling over, almost teething. He definitely laughs and talks to me. He anticipates “3” as in “1-2- THREE!” He is a bright sun in my week.

You may know that I just celebrated a birthday.

You may not know that it was my fiftieth. I spent time with friends which is always a great time. I was taken out to dinner with my kids, husband and best friend and her husband. It was better than any of us had anticipated. It has been far too long since we have included the bestie and her hubs in an intimate celebration. I’m glad they were invited!

You may know that I have missed Babygirl since she returned to school.

You may not know just how much I missed her. I didn’t even realize it until I saw her when she came home on Friday. For once, I didn’t break the hug first. I breathed in the smell of her hair and her scalp…something I haven’t done in years. I found myself just watching her when she wasn’t looking. I stopped whatever I was doing if I could hear her voice talking to her dad or brother….not listening to the conversation, just to the sound of her voice, her laughter.

You may know that I haven’t been here.

You may not know that I have thought about writing a post, but I am actually quite happy. I tend to post when I am experience a high or a low. I have been quite content with my life. I have enjoyed spending time with my kids. I enjoyed a few days here and there with my husband. I even enjoyed going to the dentist…after far too long since the last visit!

You may know that I miss hearing from you guys.

If you don’t know…..I’m telling you now.

Sunday February 20th 2011, 8:35 PM
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What’s New Pussycats?

Where to start? I’ll go back to the beginning……No. that would take too long….

D is doing well, and Son2 and his friends are all standing firm for him. So far, so good, and things seem to be on the upswing for him.

As for my bad blogging habits….I am quite prolific. I have seven or eight posts written every night before I finally fall asleep. The problem is, they are written in my head as I nod off. If I got out of bed or tried to write them down, I would most certainly wake myself up and have to start all over again. And so, my friends, you are missing out on some awesome insights, hilarious anecdotes, and heart-warming stories of my life. But don’t despair! This is all very good from my perspective. This means that I am sleeping at night. As for the daytime, my back is free from pain for the first time in a long while. I am moving around and catching up on all the odd jobs that I let pile up for the past year or so. (No, I’m not overdoing!)

Not only am I moving, I am moving. I am still exercising on the treadmill every other day. On the days in between, I manage to do a bit of actual exercise. And one day, I walked down the street with the dog and in a moment of  ‘what the hell’  I ran-yes, ran- half the block on the return trip. I didn’t get winded, but I did work the muscles. I used to run track a long, long time ago and it felt really good to do that again. I have tried to include running in some form, outside or in on the treadmill.

What else? Hmmm…..let’s see….

Oh yes. My 49th birthday just passed. Babygirl came home for the weekend and I went out for dinner with all of my kids. Son2 and his girlfriend gave me tickets to the season opener of the Philadelphia Union in March. I am very psyched for it. Son1 and his girl Shenanigan also gave me a gift.

Metalmom will be METALGRANDMOM sometime in October. After all the time they spent trying, they finally got it right. Son1 is already a good dad to Jazzy so I know that he will be a superduper dad to his own kid. He is very excited and hoping for a boy, so….fingers crossed!!! This is a ‘facebook secret’ until they can tell the rest of the family, so NO BLABBING!!

So, don’t worry if I’m not here for a day or a week. Know that things are good and I am slowly but surely returning to the woman that I used to be. It has been a long time since I have done many things and so I am doing them now, while I have the incentive and energy. I’m sure I’ll slow down soon enough and return to commenting on your blogs. Just know that I am still reading them and keeping up with you.

I love and miss you all…….

Friday May 07th 2010, 11:27 PM
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No Answer

The phone was ringing but I didn’t answer it.  The caller ID said it was “Sis”.  Why didn’t I answer it?  Because tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday. She will tell me that I have to be there. I hate being told that I have to do anything.  Not only that but she will also tell me what I have to bring.  I haven’t been food shopping for my own family in two weeks.  I really don’t want to go into a store just to get stuff for a salad.

Will I miss Dad’s birthday?  Not really.  I’ll call him in the morning and I will say “Happy Birthday”.  I’ll tell him to have a great day and that I’ll see him on Sunday, when I stop by to visit my Mom for Mother’s day.  He’ll be cool with that.  He understands.

What I won’t miss is the gathering with the family.

 I won’t have to listen to my brothers busting on my sister. You see,  she really has no sense of humor and takes things way too seriously. They will tease her and move onto other subjects, but she will brood and drink and think of all the things she should have said and drink some more and then start whining to her daughter who will whine to my mom who will bitch at my brothers.

I won’t have to watch my husband sit in a corner waiting for the opportunity to leave.  He doesn’t watch sports….any sports. My dad and brothers will flick between games or else they will be chased outside by mom where they will sit and talk about sports. And then my brothers will start asking me “What’s his problem?”

I won’t miss my mom asking why I never told her this or that, when I actually made it a point to tell her what is happening in my life.

I know, I am lucky to have my parents. I am lucky to have my family.

I simply prefer to be lucky in small doses.

Monday February 15th 2010, 10:48 AM
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Twins, Cake and A Sleepover

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend Saturday night in the company of friends. This alone is very cool in my book, but even better was the fact that “Skittles” was with us.

Skittles and I share a birthday.


When we learned this, we were two high school sophomores getting ready to turn sixteen. We were giggly girls who thought it was hysterical to proclaim ourselves as ‘twins’. We are still young girls at heart and we still refer to each other as “Twin”. This is one thing that makes  celebrating with common friends easier? Harder? I don’t know. On the one hand it involves double cards, gifts, and perhaps phone calls. On the other hand, it involves only one party, one cake, one night to go out and perhaps spend money on drinks.

We got together on Saturday with Dawn and two other friends that I have known ‘forever’.  Our friend Diane drove and drove, and got lost, but never gave up until she got there–two hours late!!  The hostess was Donna.  She and I have a looong history. We walked to kindergarten together, played ‘school’  in her garage, had sleep overs, and raided her sister’s makeup. I remember the sound of her mother’s voice (even after all these years!) and I remember the grief I felt when her father died.  So many of these things came to mind when she suggested a ‘sleepover’.

We gathered in Donna’s basement and began our silliness. Drinks were mixed and poured. High calorie snacks were put out and the Wii came on. As soon as we were all together the laughter started and for the next six hours or so, they never stopped. Yearbooks were brought out to jog our memories. The crazy stories and rumors were shared and argued over. The jello shots (which were provided in needle syringes-thanks Nurse Dawn!)  were sucked down.

Eventually all things must come to an end. The others needed to get home to their children, pets, and family obligations. Donna and I (and her daughter, Miss Cutie Pie) settled in for the night.

As my eyes closed, I replayed the nights events and smiled in the dark. I could hear Cutie Pie begin to breathe evenly as she finally slept. And I was filled with joy. I was lying next to one of my oldest friends in the entire world. I was so incredibly happy to have her back in my life.

Forty-seven was a pretty good year for me. I hope forty-eight will be equally good- if not better!!!

Sunday January 31st 2010, 3:43 PM
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Do Ya Drink Beer?


Hubs just fucked things all up for me and I AM NOT HAPPY!!!

One month ago:
Hubs: “What do you wanna do for your birthday?”
Me: “Paint the bedroom and bathroom. Don’t take me out to YOUR favorite restaurant for MY birthday. Don’t waste money we don’t have. That is all.”
H: “Wanna go to a beef and beer?”
M: “No, I hate them and I don’t want to hang with your sisters on MY birthday. I am planning on going to Donna’s or hanging with Linda”
H: “OK”

This morning:
M: “So….for the next two Saturday nights, you’ll be on your own. Whatcha gonna do?”
H: “What do you mean ‘two Saturdays’?”
M: “Next week I rescheduled the party ( I had to cancel a small party due to the weather) and the  week after that I’m going to Donna’s for Linda’s and my birthday.”

This afternoon:
H: “Here” (hands me two tickets) We’re going to a beef and beer on the thirteenth”
H: “What? I thought it would be cool to go out and do something different.”
M: “You don’t drink beer and I have plans!”


Can ya tell I’m not happy?
I am trying to unload those tickets…fast!  $25.00 a piece for something I don’t wanna do and he won’t drink beer!!!!! What was he thinking?????

Men, when your woman’s birthday comes around, do something nice or nothing at all!!!  Take us to a new restaurant….NOT YOUR FAVORITE!! If you ask her what she wants, CHOOSE THAT! Believe me, she’d rather have a bottle of bubble bath from the Dollar Store, a plastic flower, or even have you order pizza for dinner one night without her having to ask you.


Tuesday December 15th 2009, 9:38 PM
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Will He Shoot His Eye Out?

Thanksgiving night, Son1 showed up with his girls. We had a nice visit and we chatted of this and that. And then he said it….

“My birthday is coming up”

As if I could forget! I have so many occasions in December that it is imperative to write them down. In order, it is my mom’s birthday, my parents’ anniversary, my nephew’s birthday, my son, my late father-in-law,my brother, the holidays and then Son2. In between each, I have to cram in shopping for gifts, cards and Christmas gifts. It is quite a whirlwind. But for some reason, this year he thought he would remind me….because yanno, I’m getting up in years…..(I almost slapped him for that!)

On random days he would stop in after work and say hello. He always made sure to do the countdown….3 weeks…17 days…12 days…1 week… Like a child he was so excited about this birthday. One day, we were chatting on the phone and I asked him why he was so excited about this birthday.

“I’m gonna be 29. After that, I’ll be a real grownup. This is like…the last year that I can…..maybe….”

Maybe what? Spill kiddo!!

And much like Ralphie had asked for “an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle”, he asked for “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2”, a video game for an xBox.


And as a true mom, I said “Oh honey, that is so violent. And besides, aren’t you a little old for games like that?” He looked crestfallen.

As the days went by, he managed to work that video game into conversations. He even showed me the sale ads and left them on the dining room table.  Finally, on Friday night, he called to say that Shenanigans had bought him an xBox.

“Mom, it would be great if  ‘someone’ got  ” Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2″ so that I could play it. Hint, hint.”

“Do you know how much that is??  I can’t afford that! It’s almost Christmas! How ’bout I just make you a cake? You know that we usually wait to give you a gift.”

“Mom! I never ask for anything!! Can you tell me if you’re going to get it for me? I’m almost ready to go buy it for myself.”

” Well, babe, I guess you’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to find out…”

“MOM!!!  My birthday is MONDAY!!!!”

“I know. I was just fuckin witcha.”

And I made him wait……All through the weekend….all day Monday…..And finally…

I gave it to him. I can’t remember the last time I saw him look that happy about a gift. I was happy about spending a small fortune on a video game.

And I’m glad that he can’t “shoot his eye out.”

My “baby” is going to be 30….next year…..  :((

Sunday September 27th 2009, 7:43 PM
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Charisma: refers to a trait found in persons whose personalities are characterized by a personal charm and magnetism (attractiveness), along with innate and powerfully sophisticated abilities of interpersonal communication and persuasion

Some people have very little. They are the ones who may blend into the background. They may be the most boring people you have ever met, the ones who rarely get the jokes, rarely have anything to add to a conversation.

Then there are people who just ooze charisma. They are the ones who walk into a room and the energy instantly changes. They are often called “the life of the party”. They are the guest speakers who begin speaking about any subject and have you hanging on their every word. You just feel compelled to look at them or listen to them.

I have such a friend.

My friend D is the type of person who is labeled “loud”, or “boisterous”.  When she enters a room, everyone knows it. She greets everyone as if they are a long lost friend. When she laughs at a joke, you know that she is enjoying it. She does everything with an obvious gusto for life.

We went out to celebrate D’s birthday on Saturday night. Skittles, her sister and I arrived at the bar first. There was a band and more than just a  few people already there. But it still wasn’t  ‘happening’.  And then, D arrived with her entourage of sister, niece and a couple of friends. As soon as she got there, the atmosphere changed. Suddenly we were all drinking, and laughing until cheeks hurt.

Into the bar, came a little girl celebrating her 21st birthday. She loudly announced this to the bar because she had obviously been celebrating before getting there. Before five minutes had passed, she was dancing with D and sharing laughs with us having been drawn into our group by D’s magnetism.

There were a few tables of men who watched our group as woman danced with woman, grinding and laughing and hugging. They watched as if waiting for us to spontaneously begin making out with each other. The little girl wasn’t the only one drawn into our group. Oh no! There was the guy who looked like Maurice Gibb who tried (badly) to sing ‘Stayin’ Alive’. There was ‘girl’s boyfriend who was getting annoyed with ‘girl’s antics. There was a group of men who were friends with Skittles. They too were drawn by D.  They danced and did shots and hugged her as if they had always known her.

And all throughout the night, as people passed our group, she was the center of attention. Every person felt compelled to talk to her, shimmy with her, smile and hug her.

What is it that makes one person more charismatic than another?  Why can’t it be bottled up and sold? The maker of such an elixir would be rich beyond imagination, I’m sure.

Do you have a friend like this?  If you do, then you are blessed. If not, find one. He or she will be the one in the center of the room dancing as if no one was looking.

~~~Happy Birthday, D. I love you and I’m glad to have you in my life.

Wednesday February 11th 2009, 10:13 PM
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Special Day

February 12 is a special day in our family. It has been for the past 13 years.

Twenty-one years ago, my SIL was pregnant with her first child and the betting began. As a family that loves gambling, they began a pool, betting on what day the baby would be born, boy or girl, weight, and times. Although SIL wasn’t due until the 20th, I made my bet jokingly. “The baby will be born on my birthday”

And she was. A beautiful baby girl with huge blue eyes. She had not a hair on her head. When she did grow hair, it was the fairest downy blonde and it barely grew longer that an inch until she was three. She looked like Tweety Bird. She would become my favorite niece.

Eight years later, another SIL was pregnant. Again, the betting began. What are the odds of fate doing it again? So again, I jokingly said “The baby will be born on my birthday”. On the 10th, my SIL was having bad pains. Everyone said “Oh you were so close! I told you it couldn’t happen again!”

Oh, but it did. Again, on my birthday, a beautiful baby girl was born. She too had blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked exactly like her mother. She would become my favorite niece.

Today, I turn 47. Donna will turn 21. Sabrina will turn 13.

We will call each other….each attempting to be the first to wish each other happy birthday. Sometimes we stay awake and call at midnight. Other times, I have woken up at 4am and called them. They have woken me up at 6am. This has been going on since Sabrina turned 4 and learned how to dial a phone. (Now that phone is surgically attached to her hand–or at least it seems that way!)

Sabrina will have her first tween-aged party on Friday night.

Donna and I, however will celebrate with my SILs, and all the cousins over 21. We will “crawl” our way down a street lined with clubs, stopping into each one to toast to the ‘birthday girls’.

And yes, I called each of them “my favorite niece”. Every niece is my favorite niece. And every day with them is a special day.

Happy birthday, Donna and Sabrina. I’m gonna call you both FIRST!

Thursday January 29th 2009, 10:18 PM
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Family Ties

Shortly after I published yesterday’s post, I got a phone call from one of my favorite nieces, Donna.*

“Aunt C ? Are you busy tomorrow? I was called into work and I wondered if you could watch Noah for me?”

Can I watch Noah??? Hellz yeah! You see, Noah is the cutest little four month old that I know. I haven’t seen very much of him and this was my chance to cuddle, kiss and hug something that wasn’t going to lick my face or hump my leg! Not only that, but he would be a welcome distraction to my current boredom.

At 7am he got dropped off. He smiled, cooed, farted, and played the day away. I’ve never had such a pleasant baby.

At noon, Lostmahead stopped in for tea. She too had a chance to cuddle. (Hey, I share!) As she was holding Noah, I noticed that he looked very familiar….like a photograph I had seen before. It took me a second of trying to imagine his face in a frame of some kind but it wasn’t coming to me…..until…..I noticed that he looked like my own son!

I wear a locket with pictures of Sons 1 and 2. Noah looked just like Son1!

The more I looked at Noah, I noticed more than just a resemblance to my son, however. In his profile, he looked just like his dad. When he smiled, he looked like his mom when she was a baby.(Back when I babysat her) While he slept, he looked like Donna’s brother. While pooping, like my SIL when she doesn’t agree with me.

It’s been a long time since I was holding a new member of the family…on either side. I can’t remember the last time I noticed all the family genes in just one little child. It was nice to notice that when I looked into his eyes as he was drinking his bottle, I could see my FIL, his great-grandfather.

It was a moment of wonder to realize that the family ties are still strong and that they still run deep.


* Why is Donna one of my favorite nieces? Her birthday is the same day as mine, February 12. Notice, I said “one” of my favorite nieces. That is because Donna and I share our birthday with my other niece, Sabrina. :d How’s that for a “family tie”!!

Sunday January 25th 2009, 9:44 PM
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Monday Moaning-I Want…..

I want….. to eat.

This is very different from saying “I am hungry”. The truth is that I am not hungry. This totally sucks. I want…something. I don’t know what.

Usually, I have a craving. Milk, yogurt, ice cream or cheese cravings signal a need for more dairy in my diet. If I want fruit salad or a regular salad, it usually signals to me that I haven’t been eating enough vegetables. The same with bread or cereal.(Lack of fiber) My cravings are usually very easy to read. And they normally are accurate about what my diet is lacking.

Except today. I want……I don’t know.

I went out for breakfast today. I had a huge Belgian waffle with fresh, warm blueberries. I had a small bowl of cottage cheese. I had a well-rounded meal. However, 2 short hours later, I wanted ‘something’.

You wanna know what else I noticed? I am bored. This is not good. ‘Boredom eating’ is treacherous to me. I am bored frequently in the winter. *Sigh* Not good.

I’ve been food shopping. I have a variety of chips, crisps and crackers. I have a box of chocolates. I have apples, oranges and grapefruit in the house. I have sherbet in the freezer.

I want………none of the above.

It might be a texture thing. I need to chew. Like a hoagie or a steak. Like a chocolate cake. Like strawberry pie. Like a bag full of Skittles. Like pepperoni and cheese. Like  a bowl of buttery popcorn….

I want…….this craving to pass!


Speaking of I want…

I want to wish Adam a very happy birthday with many more to follow.

May you have one wish come true for every hair on your entire body. That’s alot of wishes!!  :*