Wednesday January 21st 2009, 6:48 PM
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Lemme Share a Secret

I hate the cold. Not just this year with it’s unholy blasts of arctic winds, but every year. It is a standing joke among my family and friends that I “stop going out in November and stay in until May”

This isn’t far from the truth.

When I have little ones here, I don’t go out. Because I don’t drive, it is a pain in the ass to dress them in layer upon layer only for them to cry about having to pee or crying because their diaper has suddenly filled with shit. Then I have to peel them out of those clothes to remedy those situations. Sometimes young moms forget that their kids aren’t going to be in their stifling hot cars all day and they will need a coat or a hat or gloves. (Yes, I have had kids dropped off in blanket sleepers, a onesie and little else…in January)

I hate the ice. If it is icy, I am afraid of falling while out walking. You see, my middle name is not Grace so this is more than just a possibility. I have broken more than a few bones in my life and I am fearful of slipping and breaking a wrist or ankle.

I hate the wind. Because of my back, if my shirt isn’t tucked into my jeans, I risk having a stray breeze blowing up into my jacket and causing spasms in my lower back. They can make me stand still on the sidewalk gasping to catch my breath in their intensity.

Yet there is something exhilarating about feeling a crisp wind blowing redness into my cheeks. To borrow a phrase from Fantastagirl‘s daughter Tink, “my boogers will freeze”….or at least the nose hairs will. I like sweeping snow from my steps and the front walkway. (Not shoveling….sweeping!) I love the feeling of snowflakes falling gently on my face. I love the muffled silence that it brings.

The cold also means snuggling up in fluffy jammies or cozy sweats under a crocheted blanket on the couch. It means a mug of hot cocoa with the little marshmallows melting on the top. It means the smell of a nice stew or a pot of soup cooking on the stove for dinner.

It is the second part of my feelings that I must keep secret, hidden from my family. If they knew that I liked sweeping the snow, it would become my new job. If they knew that I liked lying on the couch, they would stop believing me when I say that I’m only lying there because I have a headache or cramps. (teehee)

Just don’t tell anyone, ‘kay?

Saturday August 23rd 2008, 1:17 PM
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I’m Grinning Ear to Ear!

Every Saturday morning, as I drink my coffee, I catch up on my feeds from the week. There is always something new to make me smile, laugh or think. But imagine my surprise when I saw this:


This honor was bestowed on me by none other than Fantastagirl. She truly gave me the “warm fuzzies”! Thanks Fantastagirl!

And now, it is time for me to pass it on. There is only one rule : Don’t give it to someone who already has received it, that way we can all share the love.

I am giving this to two of my favorite men-Avitable and Karl. Both of these guys have great blogs. But today’s post (written by Avitable and posted at Karl’s) was….umm… well, it was…OMG! Just go over there and check it out. I have never laughed so hard in my life!!

To Loving Annie-She never has a bad thing to say about anyone, and when it comes to blogging, it is a huge deal!

To Jezebel-This is one funny, funny lady! I don’t think she has felt loved or appreciated lately and she needs to know that I like her!

And to Whall-There is nothing sexier than a funny man and he is it. Every time I read his blog or his comments through the bloggerhood, I laugh. Can one man really contain that much humor?

So there you have you have it, cats and kittens. check out those blogs and see why I love them.  **Let me know if you need bleach for your eyes or brain.


In other news, Lisa has been sprung from the hospital just in time for the Bead Expo. YAY!! Just because she’s out, it doesn’t mean that we can slack off with the good mojo! Keep sending it her way! Love ya, Lisa!!

Because I’m a Giver

Trukindog wants to know more about me.  Why? Don’t I give enough of myself? All I ever do for people is give, give, give! It used to be just family and very close friends, but now even my bloggin’ buddies are infringing on my generosity. Well, Tdog, you are so lucky that I am still medicated and can’t think of anything better to post!


So here you have a half dozen factoids (not to be confused with hemorrhoids.)

1.  From April through October, I have incredibly healthy fingernails. They grow long and are so strong that even when I press on them, they do not bend. However, after October-without fail-they will break, split and peel. I have used gelatin, extra coats of nail polish and lots of other things to keep them long but it never works.

2.  I have never met a vampire, werewolf, troll, ogre or banshee. I have actually met a witch.

 3.  I love ‘different’ ice cream flavors. While chocolate and vanilla are always nice,I much prefer Moose Tracks, Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, Rocky Road, and brownie chunk ice creams.

4.  When I met my husband, he had his arms around another girl. The first thing I noticed was his ass.

5.  The second thing I noticed was his forearms. I love a man with muscular forearms like Popeye. Not arms bulging with muscles like a body builder—just ‘working man’ rugged.

6.  All of my siblings and cousins are named after someone else in the family. I am not. My dad liked my first name and my mom liked my middle name. No one else has either name. However, I married into a family in which I am one of three others with the same first name.

Now for the bizniz part of this deal:

1. Link to the person who tagged you. THANK YOU, TRUKINDOG!!

2. Mention the rules on your blog.  Okay, here they are.

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. Did you read them?

4. Tag 6 bloggers and link them. Tug, Cissa, Winter, Nobody, Fantastagirl, and Shiny. Come on guys—admit it…you need blog fodder!

5. Notify taggees by leaving a comment on their blog. I’m going, I’m going!