Saturday May 14th 2011, 5:39 PM
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I have quite a few posts that are started. Many of them contain photos and tell of my travels with Bubblewench. However, something else happened that is sucking alot of my time.

Bandit has a little brother. Two weeks ago, a friend of Son2 posted this picture on Facebook:

It was a cute little pup that looked just like my Bandit. She had rescued it from someone who was going to take him to the pound. She described him as “smart, housebroken, good with kids” and at a year and a half of  age, he wouldn’t be growing much more. After a bit of thought, I called Hubs and he agreed to the adoption. We went to pick him up and were greeted by the sweetest little fella.

He is small. We found out that he is part chihuahua….the part that barks. At least he only does it when there is someone strange around or when he gets excited playing. It is tolerable. He is a cuddler and he is frisky. We threw names about because no one knew what his name was. Sparky? Skittles? Outlaw? Smoky? None had suited him. Finally Babygirl, in desperation, said “Oh hell. He’ll probably answer to something stupid, like ‘Mordecai’.” With that, the pup ran over to her and got excited. We tried it again and again and each time, he had a reaction. And so, his name is Mordecai.

Bandit has taken the new arrival in stride. He has taught Mordecai to stay downstairs. He is teaching him to be more calm when on the leash. And Mordecai is teaching Bandit to play with another dog, stop being a scaredy-cat, and to share ‘mommy’s’ attention.

Bandit sighs alot and gives me the equivalent of an exaggerated ‘eyeroll’ when Mordecai misbehaves.

They both went to the vet for shots and unfortunately, Mordecai had a slight reaction. The injection site hurt enough to make him yelp in pain when touched. I was ready to ‘wait it out’ but Bandit was behaving strangely. He offered Mordecai his ball and his bones. He licked his face and sniffed his neck gently. They say that animals can sense when things are wrong and the fact that Bandit seemed “worried” about his new buddy, made me take this more seriously. I called the animal ER and they told me that benedryl would hold him over til the morning. His regular vet told me to give him baby tylenol which worked wonders.

Today is the first day that I could sit quietly and do this properly. I plan on catching up with the other posts soon. I haven’t forgotten the blog nor any of you.

**PS, Grant, I got the cards and loved them. I’m just the ignorant bitch who hasn’t responded. Therefore, you are getting a public apology. Love you.

Sunday September 12th 2010, 10:46 PM
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Body Count

Babygirl’s boyfriend found this link and I just had to check it out. Can I just say LOVED IT! So now I pass it on to you….you know you’ve wondered……    My favorite counts were “Troll 2” and “Zoolander”. 

Yeah, it was a slow weekend……

(Sorry Grant. No bunny flicks but “Big Trouble in Little China” was listed…..and maybe you’d like “the Anarchist Cookbook” or “Stacy” by Naoyuki Tomomatsu)

Have a good week folks….

Friday March 26th 2010, 11:03 AM
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Suicidal Tendencies

“What’s wrong?”


“Are you sure? You look like something’s bothering you.”

“I said ‘nothing‘ okay! Leave me alone!”

How many times has this been said in your home, or on tv? What comes after that?  A kid stomps to their room, slams the door and turns on some music.

“Everyone hates me. They’re all mad at me. I wish I was dead.”

“Oh stop being so dramatic. You’ll be hanging out again soon enough.”

Every girl goes through this at least once. Two girls like the same boy. Their other friends take sides, and suddenly one of them is the outcast. Is the adult wrong? Not really.  They will be hanging out soon enough, but at that moment in time, it is the end of the world for the girl.

“Will you stop moping over that girl? Go get a new one. Stop being such a pussy!”

“There’s nothing wrong with my kid. He/She is a teenager! All kids are like that!”

Parents with problems of their own, or those who are just out of touch with their kids would respond  like this.

A few weeks ago, two girls stood in front of a train and killed themselves. Last week, a young man hung himself. After both incidents, the newspaper was filled with tips for “identifying the warning signs of suicidal tendencies”  What happens when a parent confronts a kid who denies feeling like that? At what point is a teenager supposed to know the difference between ‘drama’ and ‘fact’ with their friends?  If a parent is in denial, what then? It is another crack for a lost child to fall through.


Son2 has had some really shitty things to work through. Several times, I would worry that he might do something like this. I would watch him like a hawk. I would jump if I heard a loud bump in the night, or if the phone rang while he was out late at night.  Too often the first scenario played out. He would go to his room and I would cry, feeling too helpless.  Hubs would just shrug it off and say, “He got himself into this and he has to learn that these are the consequences.” It never made me feel any better. But Son2 didn’t want to talk about his feelings (or maybe he couldn’t put it into words.) Did that make me any less a good mom?


I feel such pain for those parents. The girls were 16. The boy was 18. Far too young to leave this world.

But I feel so incredibly frustrated when I read the newspapers. They write these columns that say “if you follow these signs, then you will save your child.” There must be something else.  

I followed those steps. I watched, I talked, I prayed. Son2 denied having fears, depressions, any problems whatsoever.

I just got incredibly lucky.

Thursday August 27th 2009, 6:51 PM
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Out of the Shadow

Yesterday, I had my nephew, Noah, here.  He is not quite a year old and is finally walking and grabbing. Before he got here, I had to ‘re-baby proof’ my house. (That would mean moving videos, remote controls, dog food dishes and locking up my cereal)  I managed to get  it put away but of course, there were things that just demanded his attention…like the dog’s nostrils and the stairs. Add that little guy with Three year old and One, and you get one busy day.

I haven’t had Three or One for a few weeks because of our vacations and other things so Three had a lot of things to tell me about. She wanted my attention as often as possible to tell me about her games, her cousins and her trip to Sesame Place.  One looked older and there was something I couldn’t put my finger on…a difference in his personality. But since my nephew was a busy boy, I really didn’t have time to figure it out. I spent my day keeping Noah from killing Bandit, running after the three kids and making sure that Bandit didn’t pee in a corner out of his lack of attention. By the time they all went home, I was so very exhausted. I went to bed early and slept like the dead.

I awoke this morning, refreshed and energized. I was only expecting One because his sister was spending the day with her Granny.

At noon, he arrived, wearing a wet diaper and sloppy tee shirt. Apparently, he was put to bed in the shirt and no one had time to change him this morning. He was just waking up and was still groggy and whiney. His blonde hair was disheveled.

I immediately dressed him and gave him breakfast and was treated to a whole new child.

One actually ‘talked’ to me. He danced with the television. He spun in circles, built things with the blocks and listened to stories. He interacted with me, laughing and jabbering away non-stop. The difference was not “in” his personality. The difference was that he was “showing” his personality.

Normally, even though she has a hard time with her speech, Three does a lot of talking for him. She is the one who dictates what they will play or watch. She hands him his sippy cup without his asking. He has had her personality.

Today, he had no one here to interfere with his freedom of expression. I had a little boy who told “jokes”  and laughed out loud. I have never heard him sing until today. Even when he got sticky and needed to be bathed, he was so pleasant. We played with the bubbles and splashed in the bathtub.

Today was a reminder of why I do this job. I saw a kid come out of the shadow of his sisters and into his own….maybe not for very long, but for as long as he was here. I had the chance to see a child grow before my eyes. I saw him enjoy being the sole focus of an adult.

He’s getting to be pretty cool.


And just for today, just for Grant….


Wednesday June 03rd 2009, 9:29 PM
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Grant is Cool

The other day, I found this among my comments:

“Daughter’s panties = incest. Face plant into puppy crotch = bestiality.

Okay, this post meets with my approval. Good work. Come get your award.”

So I did.


Did I ever tell you that I absolutely love Grant?  Well, I do. And Japanese bunnies are nice too. :d

Oh, and Grant? Those words brought in hella many hits!!!!


Wednesday April 29th 2009, 1:24 PM
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I’m Not Dead….Yet

Just thinking of you and wondering why you’re not on the web much lately

and hoping you’re not dead. But if you are, can I have your daughter?

That is a message I recently got from our freaky friend Grant. He thought I might be dead, but of course, I am not. I am merely …. I want to say mute, but that isn’t quite it.  I simply have nothing to say. You all know that I don’t work outside of the house. You also know that I spend my time with little kids that aren’t with me every day. Just how many times can I post about poop? Or laundry? But I actually do have several mishaps that occur while cleaning or making things nice for my family.


At first I thought it was just a matter of being lethargic from the heat. But today the heat is gone and I sit with my laptop. I want to post . I want to write…..anything. I feel constipated, like I should be doing something or writing something that just won’t come. My mind  has been  a perfect blank. It  never occurred to me that someone – anyone – would think my absence was cause for concern.

Well, in the words of Eeyore, “Thanks for noticing me”.  There actually is something happening tonight that I am very happy about. I will definitely be posting about it and if possible, I will take pictures.

And Grant–NO you may NOT have my daughter. Not now, not later, not in this lifetime or the next. But you are perfectly welcome to fuck yourself. :))   (I kid because I love  :*  )

Tuesday December 16th 2008, 12:22 PM
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I have been a very busy little bee. Lemme tell ya all about it:

I have finished all but a few of my Christmas cards. As I was pulling out the door wreath, I happened upon a box among the pile. It was a yellow box that previously contained Whitman’s chocolates. (They were very good, by the way) I thought it contained knick-knacks and I had passed over it several times. Something made me look inside, and guess what! I found my ‘master list’ for my Christmas cards! Yeah, now that I didn’t need it any more it turns up. Figures!

I have painted a closet door, and wood trim in my living room. I am painting shutters and a cabinet in my bathroom today. If they didn’t look so bad, I would leave them alone but alas, I can’t stand to look at them one more day.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to paint shutters?? Especially if they have been painted shut by the previous owner! Asshole!

Hubs and I went to the doctor’s for a follow-up exam on our backs. Unfortunately, neither of us responded very well to this series of shots. Now we are going hardcore. We will have our nerve endings cauterized. I am kind of scared about this one but I’ll tell you all more about this later. If I tell you now, it will harsh my mellow.

Lastly, go visit Grant. I am interviewing him today and his answers were kind of surprising but lots of fun.

Now go! Get on with your life! I got shit to do!!!

Sunday April 20th 2008, 8:38 PM
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A Day Late and Five Dollars Short

Grant made a meme this week and ,well, it was too strange to pass up.I planned to post it on Saturday, but the whole ‘burnt dress’*  incident came up and I didn’t. THEN he offered Tracy five bucks for everyone that she could convince to post it by  Saturday night.

Sorry, Tracy. I didn’t get it posted in time for you make a Lincoln, but if Grant were a man, he’d count it anyway. (You read that Grant?)

1. Describe yourself without the use of any vowels (treat “y” as a vowel).

P**n  *n  th*  *ss, wh*n* b*tch.

2. Write a short paragraph about a truly horrifying encounter you once had using the word “sippy-cup”.

True story:

Hubs and I took Babygirl to the doctor’s and had to take Joslyn with us. I left her in the waiting room with Hubs while I went into the office with Bgirl. She screamed and cried and carried on so Hubs gave her the sippy-cup that was full of RED punch and she leaked it all over the grey chair–totally soaking it! A man, a toddler, a tantrum and a leaky sippy-cup do not mix-E.V.E.R!

3.  Which of the following is the worst baby name:Monkey Winkle, Fetus Cheese, or Swaberpoo Deliciousness? Discuss. The worst name is Monkey Winkle- there is no discussing. Final answer!

4. Complete the following word association: cookie, ladder, penis, regret…hand job.

5. You move your weasel to sun level three. Your opponent counters with whimsy to caveworm seven. What is the best counter move?  Drop the kropnar into the well and turn the handle. When the igbottom opens, hit it with flarjjum until spacky releases thus rendering the opponent incapacitated.

*Dance pictures were downloaded, but I started drinking and didn’t get to resize them. They are coming!!