Friday August 19th 2011, 12:27 PM
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Don’t Go There! NEVER Go There!

I have been dying to do this post but having thrown out my back immediately upon my return home from vacation, I was to disconnected to do so.


We got to the shore on Wednesday and it was Babygirl’s BF’s birthday. I was excited because this was his 20th and he was with us for vacation. In June, Hubs and I had gone to a restaurant and the food was indescribable. I was excited to go back and share this with the kids because BF will eat anything and Hubs and Babygirl were ready for the great steaks and superb mashed potatoes.

We went to LUNA. (Oh yes, there is the name) It is a few blocks off the beaten path and it is a restaurant with an adjoining club that has live music and dancing.  I felt like it was a well kept secret.

I was wrong. Apparently we were the ones not in the loop.

We got there and ordered drinks and appetizers. My drink was fabulous and the salads were incredible. However, when Hubs and Babygirl ordered their steaks and mashed potatoes, we were told there were no mashed potatoes. Strike one.

And so, as we waited, we took the time to notice the other diners. A table of eight twenty-somethings drinking beer. A family of six behind us with a two year old that was getting itchy. Another family of about ten. The place had full tables.  The wait staff was hopping, filling glasses, taking orders, refilling drinks. Hubs had three drinks and turned to me. “These drinks are really weak.” Strike two.

The family with the two year old left. We chalked it up to the kid becoming hard to handle. The twenty-somethings left. We figured that they had eaten already and were just done drinking in this particular place. Another couple came in and ordered salads. And still we sat waiting. The waiter (who barely spoke English) came over and told us that he was sorry about the wait. He refilled our glasses and we waited. By this point we had been there for nearly 45 minutes. They make all their meals fresh so we thought this would be considered normal. Strike three.

Before we knew it, we were noticing that the wait staff was saying the same thing to all the other tables. (Sorry about the wait. Your order is almost ready) Finally it was just us and another table. The couple finished their salads and left. The hostess was running in and out of the kitchen. It was obvious that she was upset about something. The wait staff looked at each other as if they had no idea how to proceed. Hubs was on his fifth drink and still unfazed. Strike four.

We joined in the exodus, asking for our bill and leaving.

As we were leaving, another group was outside deciding on whether or not to eat there. Babygirl turned to one girl and said “No. Just walk away and eat somewhere else.”

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in LUNA. It is a very intimate type of place. The food is incredibly good. It isn’t very expensive. Some of the food is not the run-of-mill Italian fare. I had been psyched to share this place with Babygirl and BF. So much for a birthday celebration. By the time we left, it was nearly 9pm. We walked to another favorite restaurant and ate dinner in a mostly empty room….not exactly festive.

Two nights later, Hubs and I were in a taxi discussing with the driver our plans for dinner. He suggested a few places and Hubs asked his opinion of LUNA.  “Oh God! Don’t go there!! They must have the most brilliant PR because it looks like a great place. Too bad they have one of the worst management in Wildwood!”

Before he said that, Hubs and I were actually considering that it may have been a fluke…the chef was sick or fired or quit mid-shift. To hear that opinion spoken so vehemently stated by the driver….. Well, it seems that the one dinner that Hubs and I enjoyed was actually an anomaly.

Want to eat somewhere good in Wildwood NJ? Ask a cabbie.

Monday August 01st 2011, 3:08 PM
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Summer Sundry

Summer is such a lazy time. The heat slows things down to a slow crawl and my head is no exception. There is no inspiration these days. Life is good. Things are moving along but there is nothing truly blog-worthy. I’ve been dating my husband, seeing movies, spending time alone and such.

However, August is upon me and with it comes a full calendar. The baby shower for Son1 and Shenanigans is coming this weekend, as well as a party/event that involves my beloved Philadelphia Union. Saturday will be long but worth a post or two. Immediately following that, I’ll be headed off to the beach for a much anticipated week. Beyond that, we will be preparing for Babygirl to head off to college again.

Two big events are also looming on that horizon. One is the wedding of my dear ‘twin’. She is marrying a friend from grade school whom she met at one of our mini-reunions. I am very excited and happy for both of them. The other is the wedding of BlondeBlogger. I will be travelling to North Carolina  for the ceremony and am taking Hubs. Once more, this will be blog worthy.

And so, I just wanted to let y’all know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am just trying to stay chill in all of this weather from hell. I hope you all are cool as well.

Until next time……

Thursday May 26th 2011, 2:55 PM
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Three bloggers walk into a bar….

Three bloggers walk into a bar…..

Wait, let’s try this again….

A bouncer, a mullet-wearing trucker, and an Aryan brother…..

No. This is not the opening of a joke so maybe I should start at the beginning……

After leaving the city of Pittsburgh, Bubblewench and I made our way to Cincinnati, where we picked the third of our little travelling group, Sybil Law. We chilled out with Sybil overnight (which included a small corner bar, a trip out the door – withholding name to avoid embarrassment *bw*-and a rough night of  “omg, I shouldn’t have had so much to drink”)  The following day we went to visit MattMan (you can read about it here)

Due to the fact that MattMan passed out fell asleep, we called it an early night there, but ended up at the bar across the parking lot from our dive lovely accommodations. We walked in and immediately, Sybil was beset by a tatted up douchenozzle a patron of the establishment. We outside for a smoke (and to get away from him) but he followed us outside. Sybil made sure to say “I’m married” but he heard “I’m ready to jump on your dick”  He actually thought that the key to her panties was “I am an Aryan brother”. That’s all she needed to hear. Suddenly the ‘bitch’ was unleashed.  She proceeded to tell him the many ways that his beliefs were wrong. This argument continued for the remainder of  the night. (Interspersed with “If you weren’t so cute, I’d hit you” and “You look like you wanna kick me in the balls”) Of course they were followed by Bubba the huge bouncer. He made sure that SonnyBoy kept his distance.

In the meantime, BW made friends with the bartender who promptly started hooking us up with lemondrops. (OMG!!)  And me? Gary, the mullet-wearing trucker had taken a shine to me and not so subtly reminded me that “what happens on the road, stays on the road”  DUDE! Are you fucking kidding me???  I could have been on the road for 10 years of celibacy and I STILL wouldn’t have looked at you twice!!!  (But I did let him buy me a drink.)

We decided we’d had enough and went to our room. We laughed and agreed that we  couldn’t wait to head back to Cincinnati.

Yeah, she’s hurtin’ but we all were. But it’s my blog and I choose not to show you my

“hurt face”  hahaha

Tuesday May 24th 2011, 12:03 PM
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Date With Becky

Once upon a time, I had a date with a girl. Her name was Becky (aka Hellohahanarf) She had a smile that lit up the room and a laugh that bubbled up from her toes. For the chance to be with her for just one night, I traveled across the state of Pennsylvania to the city of Pittsburgh. The things that Miss Becky showed me changed the way I look at churches, beer, and lego people.

Bubblewench and I drove for a whole day. That particular day began with rain….it was the tail end of the tornado storms that had raged through the midwest at the end of April.

Riders on the Storm *

We arrived at our hotel which also happened to be where the NRA were holding their convention. (“Are you here for the gun show?” “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…!”)  The hotel room was awesome but we barely had time to check in before the phone call came for us to cross the parking lot and join Becky at her job. She showed us where she works her magic by day:

Apparently her job is high stress because she makes sure that the office is stocked with clear fluids.

She took us through the building and introduced all of the suckers hard working employees who were still there past 4pm on a Friday afternoon. She even showed us the desk where all the important work gets done:

After our tour, we freshened up and Becky came to get us. She took us to the place that all good girls should go – to Church. This place was incredible and the hummus was huminahuminagood! Becky even got a motorboat in church! Then we met up with her friend Young William and his friend Alfredo. We had tons of laughs and headed to the Hofbrauhaus where the crowd was kinda young.

Pittsburgh *

The highlight of the night for me, however, was the trip to see the skyline. The view was amazing.

One thing we noticed, is that Pittsburgh is full of easily found businesses. We saw the “Food Store” “The Deli” “the Italian Bread Place” and even ate in “Eggs R Us”  (and for some reason, the pictures of that great diner are missing)

Let me tell you, if you are ever in Pittsburgh, hook up with Becky. She loves her hometown and is chock-full of interesting trivia that you won’t get on any other type of guided tour. She made me and Bubblewench feel like VIP visitors to her town. I wish we had had more time to stay and visit, but she crammed so much into the few hours we spent with her. I can’t wait to visit again.

Thanks Becky. You’re the best Becky in Beckyland!!

*Be sure to click to see the videos!

Thursday April 28th 2011, 6:06 AM
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On The Road Again…

No shit, it has been awhile.

There isn’t much going on here that is exciting for y’all. I’ve just been spending time  with Hubs and Bandit.  The weather has been pretty crappy. (Not as crappy as everyone dealing with the flooding and the tornadoes. What’s up with that??)  It’s just been cold and then hot. It’s been cloudy and there’s no way to tell what is rain and what isn’t. It just sucks.

We visited Holly for Easter. That was pretty nice. We got a motel room and spent Saturday night first having dinner with her and the boyfriend and then just chilling in the hotel. For Easter, we went out for breadfast together and then back to the dorm for “trip one” of bringing her stuff home. I think next year, she’d better not pack everything that she owns!

Today I packed for the next adventure…Pittsburgh PA, to visit with Becky, aka Hellohahanarf. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh long enough to look around so this is exciting for me. From there, we will go to Cincinnati to kidnap SybilLaw to join our little caravan. And the final leg of our trip will take us to Bagwine OH  and a party with MattMan and his gal Schmoop. This will be an epic gathering. Following Bagwine, we will take Sybil home and party with Sodapop and Laci. Hubs has already said that this is the last time I can take off on him for this year. (We’ll see about that…)

And so. I never finished this yesterday and I sit here with the news on…..looking at the horrid devastation that visited Alabama, Georgia, and many other southern states. There are also severe weather warnings for the state of Pennsylvania and of course that is for when Bubblewench and I hit the road. Don’t worry, she is a very safe driver and will stop rather than drive through the crap. I’m taking you with me, so I’ll update when I can.

Let the adventure begin….

Thursday April 14th 2011, 1:58 PM
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The dinner party was okay. I looked good, didn’t fart or swear, and only had one glass of wine. That’s all I’ma say ’bout that.

Now, onto NoVa Con.

A group of bloggers gathered in Chantilly, VA this weekend. I rode down with Bubblewench, Bellaventa, and Libragirl. As soon as we pulled up to get Bella and Libra, the shenanigans began and they didn’t end until some time on Sunday. I laughed so much that I hope I managed to burn more than a couple of calories!


We got there, checked into our room and headed off to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. We saw lots of airplanes and such and I was more impressed with the trip than I thought I was going to be. We went to a store for alcohol and to eat lunch and then back to the hotel for cocktails, showers and naps.

The naps never happened.

After showers, Ren called and said “Hey, let’s hang out!” And with that, NoVa Con was on. CissaFireheart also wanted to hang out and so they both came to our room and we got our drink on. We took pictures, shared lots of laugh and then there was a knock on the door. BlondeBlogger and her man Matt were there! Yay! I have waited for what seemed to be a lifetime to hug my ‘soul sister’ and at last the moment was here. We hugged and in the middle of such a group of folks, I would find myself just looking at her, drinking up the sight of her and storing away mental pictures and memories of her beautiful laughter. A pint of tequila, some rum and cherry vodka later……..


Dinner time came so fast, but that only meant MORE bloggers! We met with Poppy and Dawg  (and Mrs Poppy’s Mom, and a few of Cissa’s friends) We went to one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook at your table. It was incredible. Mr. Shiny joined us and I have to say, he gives great hug. Whall was there via Skype on Ren’s ipad and we passed him around to say hello. As the ipad got to the end of the table, a shout went up….

Whall was with us! He had been in DC since Thursday and Ren had managed to keep it under wraps. No one-and I mean no one-had a clue that he was actually in town. It was the best prank ever.

After closing the restaurant, everyone went back to our suite. We all hung out on the fold out bed laughing, talking and causing mayhem. The group of young kids in the suite next door was bothered by OUR noise. We were told “Think of the children” when their chaperones scolded us! We called SybilLaw and left a great voice mail. And we took pictures……lots and lots of pictures…..

Things finally broke up and we promised to meet the next day for breakfast and shopping.

Unfortunately, NoVaCon had to come to an end. Some went on to a kite fest, others (us) went shopping and GeoCaching and still others got a jump on the traffic and began their way home. It was the best time ever, full of great friends, great times and great food and drink. It went so well that we are planning on making this an annual celebration. Keep this time of year clear on your calendar so that you can join us in 2012!

Tuesday September 28th 2010, 12:48 PM
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No More Metal

I’ve been getting a bit of a  “Babygirl fix”.

On Saturday, we hit the road for a the two and half hour ride out to Shippensburg for Family Weekend. Son1, Jazz and Shenanigans went too. Oh my gosh, the weather was so nice. The sun was fairly hot, but still, the humidity was down. We managed to take a walking tour of the Civil War era homes and other points of interest. Son1 is very much into those things and it was pretty cool to listen to him read the pamphlet from the Historical Society as he pointed out buildings and cemeteries. I haven’t seen him do that in quite some time.  After the tour, we visited with Babygirl, her Boy and the roomie. We really got a good look at the dorm and she showed us where her classes were. It was heart warming to see her big brother pass her a few bucks for her pocket. Both of my boys surprised me by doing that.

Then, Monday she came home after classes. She is here to get her braces off today. She was here for dinner (a perfect roast as requested) and I really liked seeing this: 

I found myself just looking over at her, drinking in the sight of my kiddo finishing up some class work that needed to be submitted by the end of the day. I’ve missed her presence around here. (And you can see that Bandit is hogging up all the loving!)

This morning, we left at 7am to get to her orthodontist by 8. Today was the day that she has been waiting for!  The braces came off! One less bill to be paid every month. 

At least my money went to a worthy cause……a “coming off” gift for my girl….CANDY. Gummy, chewy, cavity-inducing candy. Way to go, dentist! They even included a mug for her tooth-staining coffee or tea, and a frisbee in case she wanted to knock one out! Again….way to go, dentist!

At this minute, she is making arrangements to work during her fall break. After that, she’ll get her retainer and come back to me for dinner. Far too soon, she will hop aboard a train that will carry her to Harrisburg. By the time I’m nearly ready for bed, she will be back at her dorm…smiling her beautiful smile for all of her friends to see.

And one thing is for sure…she will kiss her boyfriend for the first time without metal in her mouth!

:D   :D   :D   :D   :D   :D   :D   :D   

Saturday August 21st 2010, 1:05 PM
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Five More Days

We are down to the final five days.

Babygirl has been packing her things here and there getting ready for her big move. The foot of my stairs has been piled high with bins of linens, school supplies and clothes. Little by by little the mountain has grown. Last night we went on a big trip to Tarjay to get lots of storage, laundry, and stationery. I was relieved to see that Target is ‘college friendly’. All the things we needed were there and the prices weren’t as bad as I had feared. We now have one last shopping trip to make– CVS. This one makes my charge card shudder. You may be aware that the things sold in CVS are the ones that cost the most….pain relievers, cold remedies, girly supplies, and vitamins. Pepto, allergy tablets, and eye drops. Facial cleaners, and deodorant. I am expecting to pay more in that store than we spent in Target and Kohls combined. Oh, we have picked up some things like shampoo, lotion, and conditioners in other places as we’ve seen the sales, but there are still far too many others left to get. Luckily for us, our girl Shenanigans works there and will be hooking us up with the employee discount. It is a huge help.

This morning we pulled out everything and separated it on the living room floor. Everything was packed according to ‘kitchen’, ‘shower’, ‘bed’, and ‘desk’. Seeing it all spread out, it looked like overkill. Surely there was no way that she needed all of these things! We packed and repacked. We lined up bins to be sure that the bulk of her things would fit under the bed. (Yes, it will-surprise!)  By the time we had finished, the chaos had been tamed and pared down to a controllable pile.

And now there are five days. Five days! She will be working on a couple of  those days. She will spend time with her buddy Nick, who won’t be going to Shippensburg this semester (but hopefully he will join them in January) She will spend time with her boy, who will be with her again a week later. And then? Whatever remaining time she has, I’m hoping she finds a minute or two for Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, her brothers, and the girlfriends who will be staying behind.

I don’t expect the “mom/daughter’  time. I will be happy talking to her about being careful, how to do laundry, and the best way to organize her stuff. I’ll remind her about the dangers of drinking, the importance of study, and being considerate of her roommate and others she will come in contact with. This will be our time together.

But I am looking forward to the emails, webcam visits, and facebook updates that will tell me that she is healthy, happy and doing all things collegiate. I await the messages that tell me she is doing well in classes and keeping up her grades.

But most of all, I want the messages that come between the lines. The ones that say “I heard what you were saying, Mom. And you prepared me for independence.”

Sunday August 01st 2010, 7:54 PM
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Something Old, Something New…..

A few things are happening….just a few ….but they are the type of things that keep me from you, my friends.

Something old…..That would be me. Hubs whisked me away for two nights at the beach. We relaxed, met up with my kids for a day on the beach and dinner, and we shared some drinks and smooches. One morning, we rented bicycles and rode them…..and rode them….and-well you get the drift. We rode for forty-five minutes in one direction, turned around and rode back. Lemme tell you, halfway back, I damn near died. My muscles burned, my body spewed off sweat and I could see my thighs twitch with overuse. Yeppers, kids, I am sadly out of shape. Even though I have been exercising, I have been more about the cardio and abs. Apparently, I must learn to do it all.

Something new…..My laptop needs a new fanbelt. It had been overheating a bit and after ruling out overuse and a recalled battery, I discovered that that was what I needed.  And so, my beloved is off for two weeks getting repaired. Which brings me to….

Something borrowed…..In the meantime, I am typing this post on Babygirl’s laptop. This won’t happen very often, I’m sure. I am afraid of doing anything that would compromise this back-to-school purchase.  So….if anything needs to be spilled on here, I will most likely be borrowing the business computer. Ugh! You know how I feel about that!

And lastly, we have something blue…..That would be me. My cousin is not doing very well with her battle against stomach cancer. We only learned of it shortly before Christmas, and she has already nosedived very quickly. I can only hope that she is spared from too much pain. Life is not very fair.

There is also the ‘countdown’ to August 26. That is the day that Babygirl leaves us for her dorm. Yes, I’m blue but also tickled pink–for her. She is excited and so I am, but damn, I will miss her…..

And there you have it.  That’s what’s happening. It’s what keeps me from you all. I hope to catch up with my blog reading because I want to see what YOU’RE doing this summer!!

Sunday September 20th 2009, 11:12 AM
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Ship Wrecked

Yesterday, Hubs, Babygirl and I took a road trip to Shippensburg University. It was Open House day and we went to check out the programs, the school, the dorms and most importantly to Babygirl, to see her BF and his friend.

It was going to be a long day. Shippensburg is a two and a half hour drive from us and we had to get up at an ungodly hour. I knew we were doomed when we hit the road 45 minutes later than we had planned. I made sure not to drink coffee, tea or even water, because I’d only have to stop at rest stops all along the way. I was in charge of the navigation, a job that I am very good at-just ask anyone who drives with me! Unfortunately, when I hit the turnpike, I told Hubs to take the wrong ramp. We drove for roughly 20 minutes before we could get off and turn around. Now we were an hour later. It was at that point that I realized I was getting the beginning tightness that would signal a headache. Great! We’d be at the college all day, so this wasn’t good news.

Driving and driving and more driving. At last, we got to our destination. It turned out that we missed the breakfast  and coffee. (Oh shit. :(  ) We had also missed the welcoming speeches. This was no big loss according to a mom I spoke to. We jumped in just in time to learn about credits, scheduling, majors and  graduation requirements. Next, we moved on to a look at the Art Department. This was extremely interesting. I think it would be a great fit for my girl. But the headache was starting to interfere with my concentration. I couldn’t imagine sticking around much longer. Maybe if I got something to eat or at least something to drink (maybe coffee!) I’d feel better.

So we went to another building where I grabbed a quick tuna on croissant and a bottle of water. I gulped down the sandwich and we made our way to the Financial Aid presentation. They told us many things that I wasn’t aware of and gave us tips to look for. Unfortunately, I was going to be sick. Hubs stayed put while Babygirl and I went to the ladies room. I used the bathroom and felt somewhat ‘lighter’ but the headache exploded-in all of its halo-inducing, light sensitive, pull-my-eyeballs-out glory.

Babygirl called BF to bring us some tylenol. The nausea grew. I thought I would pass out. Hubs met us and we found a bench outside to sit on and wait for BF. Our plan for the afternoon was supposed to be a look at BF’s dorm room, walk about the campus a bit and go out to dinner with BF and friend. Unfortunately, that was not to be. I was busy dying. The pain in my daughter’s eyes as she realized we had to leave was unbearable. I began to cry as we walked to the car. While she said a teary goodbye, I crawled into the back seat, laid down and sobbed–with frustration, with pain and heartache.


We began the trek home, but first my stomach had another idea. All of the water and tylenol came up, quickly chased with the tuna. The smell…Oh God, the smell! Thank God there was a plastic bag in the back seat for me to use. but since we were on the highway, we’d have to carry it along. I know Babygirl is sensitive to hearing or smelling “sickness” and I felt bad all over again. I found a comfortable position and fell asleep.

The car stopped and I woke up to discover that we were at a rest stop. I threw out the bag and hit the restroom. I looked into the mirror and I didn’t know the woman who looked back. My eyes were sunken in head, red-rimmed and glassy. My skin was sallow with a sheen of sweat. I looked like a junkie going through withdrawal. I rinsed off my face and went back to the car…..and sleep…..for two more hours.

The next time I woke up, we were home. I ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and changed into pjs. The shades were drawn and the room was cool and dark. I sank into the pillows, pulled the blanket up and went to sleep. For three hours.

It is now, the next day and I realize that it was more than just car sickness and a headache. My entire body hurts and a dull throb has settled into my joints. I am alternating sweating and freezing and my stomach still feels crappy. My hair-and skin- feel extra greasy. I plan on getting into the shower soon and just changing into other fluffy jammies. I will plant myself on the couch or in bed and just stay there.

And pray for it all to go away.

PS: BF is a standup guy. I apologized for the trip being a bust and cutting short the time that they were to spend together. He said not to worry. Next weekend, his brother will drive up there on Friday and bring his brother home for the weekend. Babygirl will get to visit with her man and I will pay for them to enjoy dinner.

It’s the least I can do.